Animal Cremation Equipment

These animal crematory models cover the full range of volume capacities required for different types of pet cremation facilities.

Click on the image for specific details of each cremation unit. 

S-18 / S27 Click for Details   S-27-T Click for Details   S-27-G Click for Details
S-18 / S-27
300 LB / 400 LB
Batch Load
425 LB
Batch Load
Private Cremations

S-27-G-F Click for Details   G-P Models Click for Details   G-P Models Click for Details 
Private Cremations
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  G-P Models
550-1400 Pounds / Batch Load
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  G-P Models
2100-4000 Pounds / Batch Load

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 CAC Models Click for Details    A-P Models Click for Details   Therm Tec Crematories 
CAC Models
Private Cremation
  A-P Models  

C6-200 Click for Details        Fire Lake Manufacturing Crematories 

FC Industries has been selling, installing and servicing a complete line of pet cremation systems for over thirty-five years. Utilizing state-of-the-art design and manufacturing practices, we offer a wide range of animal and pet cremation equipment. Accessory equipment and supplies to compliment your animal cremation business are also available. We represent Therm-Tec Manufacturing, Inc. because of their crematory technology and unparalleled knowledge of combustion theory. With over 500 installations in the United States, Mexico and Canada, we are one of the oldest distributors in the crematory industry.